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I'm afraid that this list may not be complete, but I'm trying to bring it up to date!

Home Birth Reference Page - homepage

Research Index - list of research papers which have been summarised, leading to:

"But what if...?" considers some common questions about potential problems at home births - eg a baby needing resuscitation, a cord prolapse or shoulder dystocia. How likely are these scenarios, and what can be done about them?

You Can't Have a Home Birth, Because... - a look at the reasons some women are advised to have a hospital birth, to help you make your own choice.

Leading to articles about home birth for:

Is your doctor against home birth?

What if you don't get along with your midwife?

Pain relief at home births

Get your baby in the best position for birth

Antenatal Preparation for Labour and Birth - increase your chances of getting the birth you want

Home Birthplans

Practical Preparation for Home Birth - things to organise before your labour.

Equipment list

Blood on the Carpet - just how messy is a home birth? Includes practical tips on rescuing carpets...

Waterbirth at home - using water for pain relief and relaxation in labour, and for the birth itself. Includes issues to consider, links to birth stories, list of books and videos, and links to pool hire companies and sources of more information

Meconium in the waters

Group B Strep and Home Birth - what are the issues and options when you have tested positive for GBS?

Postpartum Haemorrhage and Home Birth looks at the risk of severe blood loss after birth, and how it would be managed at a home birth.

The Third Stage of Labour - choosing between active and physiological management of the delivery of the placenta

Pain relief at home births - an overview of options, including drugs and other approaches, with a new page on Hypnosis for Birth

Overdue, but still want a home birth? Approaching that crucial 42-week deadline, with the threat of hospital induction looming? Make sure that your pregnancy is dated accurately, and that you are aware of the issues surrounding post-dates pregnancy...

Homebirth before 38 weeks

Preparing for a home birth: some suggestions from midwife Mary Cronk, together with a list of the equipment which Mary takes to births.

Children and Home Birth - what happens to older siblings when you have a baby at home? Will they be present at the birth?

Transfers - when a planned home birth becomes a hospital birth.

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