Home birth equipment - a midwife's kit, and her suggestions for parents

Mary Cronk is a midwife who has many years of experience attending home births in the UK, first in the NHS and then as an independent practitioner. Mary's website is www.marycronkmidwiferyservices.co.uk

The Midwife's Equipment

I do not deliver a pack. I bring everything I need with me because I do not know when I will be called, and if all my stuff is at Freda's who is well and truly overdue, and then Gladys goes into labour at 38 weeks I have a difficulty. I have no idea what a midwife would want to leave a pack for, and what on earth would be in it. I have never done so in over thirty years except for the free packs we used to have with lots of Sanitary towels, cotton wool swabs and a "delivery sheet"

I bring:

Most of this lot I rarely use; my episiotomy scissors have been used twice in ten years. The warm pad is often used.

Equipment for Parents to provide

I ask Women to have: