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Jerome's homebirth, by Emily

hello! here's my homebirth story! i had a perfect homebirth and a perfect little boy on 9th June!
I posted on to my homebirth groups site the day before to say that i had relaxed after dropping my ds's off at their grannys and was enjoying being pregnant and spending some quality time with my DH. I was a bit mental previously about getting this baby out and had tried everything to make it happen! well, it seemed as soon as i stopped trying it happened!

On thurs morn (9th June) i woke with weak contractions. So i watched jerry springer on my birthing ball and timed the contractions. They were irregular and not very painful and by the time 'this morning' had finished they had stopped! somehow i knew it was the real thing though.

I was booked in for a stretch and sweep at 2.30 in the afternoon so i rang the hospital to ask if i should leave it or not but they said as the contracts had stopped it was up to me and if i wanted to hurry things up then come in.

So i slept for two hours (my body knew!), went into hosp for s + s at 2.30, where i discovered i was already 5 cm dilated, and went to tescos at 3.30pm to start things off. It worked!!! Starting getting really strong contractions every 4 mins in tescos (still managed to finish my shop though!) . My waters broke in the car at 3.50 and my contractions were every 3 mins. My DH called the midwife and my mum to collect the dog and 3 midwifes (1 lovely student one too) turned up at 4.15.
I had managed to change and crawl upstairs with babys head getting very near coming out as i did just before they arrived.

My DH turned the vid camera on and i felt like pushing 10 mins after the midwifes had arrived. They did my bp which was 110/96 and said that baby was coming too quick to do anything about it now. i had baby Jerome Keats Harris at 4.39 after an established labour of 1 hr 40 mins.

I managed without any pain relief and i didnt make a sound. When me and DH and a friend watched the video my friend cried and couldnt believe how brave i was. To be honest, i Couldnt either!! It was such a lovely easy birth. I had no stitches, 100mls blood and Jerome was a good weight, 8lb 2ozs. He cried as soon as he was born and because i had an extremely long cord my DH didnt cut it till my placenta was out. The midwifes left less than an hour after they arrived after leaving the house spotless for me!


By 6.00pm i had had a bath, baby was sleeping and i was enjoying a salad. Being in my own house was the loviest thing ever.Just to let everyone know that sometimes births do go just as u expect and want (sometimes even better!) and not to worry. I can honestly say birth doesnt hurt that much at all and getting such a wonderful thing from it is something so amazing. Enjoying this at home is how its supposed to be. It felt so right for me.
i hope everyone whos reading this's homebirth goes just as well for them!

Much love,
Jerome (21 days old) perfect homebirth
Scarlett (2yrs) nearly a homebirth
Phoenix (3yrs) indutced hosp birth

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