Emergency measures at an unattended birth

These suggestions have been gleaned from a variety of midwifery and obstetric sources. You can find some online resources, including a downloadable manual of emergency childbirth care, in the Links section. What should I do if...?

Shoulder Dystocia

If the head has been born, but the shoulders are not born with the next contraction, then the baby's shoulders may be stuck.

The cord is around the neck

Don't try to cut or break the cord. Support the baby's head close to your vagina while its body is born, then try to loosen the cord. It's important not to cut the cord in this situation, as a great deal of the baby's blood supply can be trapped in the cord and placenta. Once the cord is untangled, the baby will get a transfusion of oxygenated blood exactly where he needs it.

Links on Emergency Unattended Childbirth

Emergency Childbirth manual - http://www.umbrellanoize.com/stuff/Emergency%20Childbirth.pdf Infant CPR videos
Search www.youtube.com and you will find plenty.


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