About Mary Cronk, MBE

Mary Cronk MBE was an inspirational midwife who made a real difference to many mothers and babies, and to her fellow midwives.

Mary died on 21 December 2018 and is sadly missed.

Obituary of Mary by Joy Horner

Video of Mary talking about her famous sayings.

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Below is the original text of this page, as written by Mary while she was still working as a midwife.

I am a mature Midwife. I have helped nearly 1600 babies be born. I worked in the NHS for thirty years, mostly in domiciliary practice - helping women have their babies at home in the way they wanted. I loved my job. I left in 1991 to start my own Midwifery practice because it was becoming increasingly difficult to practice woman-centred midwifery within the NHS.

About My Practice

I am happy to take clients who live within about one hour's drive from Chichester, which is in West Sussex, in the South of England.

I offer comprehensive midwifery care to my clients throughout the whole childbearing experience. I am experienced in waterbirths, breech, and twin births, and normal births after previous Caesarian section. I am particularly pleased to care for women whose previous experiences have been poor. I totally support women's informed choice, and offer individualised care to meet individual circumstances.

The package of care I offer includes antenatal care tailored to the woman's needs. Usually this involves monthly visits for the first seven months then fortnightly then weekly in the last month of the pregnancy. These visits are of course to monitor the physical wellbeing of the woman and her baby, but also to get to know the couple, and the aspects of having a baby which are important to them. I work with other practitioners as necessary.

I help women birth their babies as respectfully gently and easily as possible, usually in their own homes, but I can arrange honorary contracts to attend women in hospital within my practice area if that is what the woman wants or needs.

After the birth I visit for a month helping parents adjust to and care for their baby. I am available to the couples who book me at all times.

The total fee for my professional services is £2,750, which can be paid in a variety of ways to suit different budgets. There are no 'extras'. If, for example, extra visits are needed antenatally or postnatally for any reason, that is included. I am happy to have telephone consultations to discuss my practice.

When a woman contacts me I usually offer a consultation visit where we can meet each other and the woman or couple can interview me and see if I am the kind of midwife they want. I can also explore the couple's needs and wishes and see if I feel that I am the right midwife for them. This interview is without any committment on either side. I charge 50 for this which is deducted from the fee if the couple book with me.

Contact Mary

Contact Mary on mary.cronk@selseypc.net

Telephone 01243 670382, Fax 01243671817, mobile 07860 726662


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One of Mary's clients who gave birth to twins has written in The Times about her experience:
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