Uterine Rupture - Women's Experiences

Mrs V suffered a ruptured uterus in late pregnancy, two weeks before a repeat caesarean was scheduled. She had two prior caesareans.

Laura Brockman has asked for her story to be told, in the hope that people may learn from it and avoid future tragedies. Laura's son, Stephen, died shortly after birth because of a uterine rupture. In this case, midwives spotted warning signs in his heart rate early on, but it took an hour to locate doctors to perform a caesarean section.

Catherine Grace's story - tragic story of a hospital VBAC in which warning signs were not acted upon for several hours, leading to the death of the baby.

Kim's story at birthstories.com. Another example of a hospital VBAC where warning signs were ignored - the mother suffered abnormal pain as her uterus was ripping. This baby survived, but sadly was left with brain damage.

To contact other women who have been through this:

Uterine Rupture email support group.

There are several other email groups on Yahoogroups for women who have suffered a uterine rupture, or who want to discuss it. (www.yahoogroups.com)

Other resources on uterine rupture:


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