Leyoncé Rose's Birth Story, by Natalie

Natalie's second baby, Ryan, was born at home, so naturally Natalie planned a homebirth for her next baby. Here's what happened:

After an evening of going quite mental in my bedroom cleaning and tidying, cause i didn't think it was ready for midwife to be invited in, i finally calmed down and run a bath at about 1am (i guess this was a very good indication of what was to come)

I finally got to bed and got my hubby to try a bit of nipple stimulation to try to bring on the birth, but after about 15 minutes (it was now 3am) he was tired and rolled over to go to sleep of which i felt my first contraction, it was very sharp and very strong, and i could not believe this was it as it had suddenly started full on. I was breathing and humming my way through them, and my dozing hubby thought i was being dramatic, and at one point patted me, and said 'there there try to go to sleep', or which i replied F**k off. After two more contractions my next words were 'oh no' as i felt the warm wet feeling that i know so well, threw the covers off, or which Ryan jumped up wide awake, and said 'oh right, baby really is coming...goody'. I popped to the bathroom, and sat on the toilet while Ryan found out clean underwear, maturnity towel and a pair of his jogging bottoms for me to wear.

We took ourselves down stairs and continued with the heavy contracions which were still every few minutes. By 4am Ryan was pushing the phone infront of me to phone for a midwife as he couldn't believe how strong my contractions were already. I really didn't want to phone them as i coped on my own without the midwifes for at least 4 hours of contractions last time. But by 5am i was feeling quite lost so started phoning around for midwife, but none of my midwifes were answering there mobiles so i had to phone the hospital, and they said it was really busy but they would get a midwife to me as soon as possible. Mean while the contractions were getting so strong that i was standing for them rolling my hips around griping on to Ryan so very tight, and then walking around like a looney inbetween, working my way to transition, swearing alot about the wereabouts of the midwife and the gas and air.

At 7am a midwife turned up, and said she wanted to do an internal, of which my husband and i looked at her and asked 'why, we don't do interaction, you just sit and watch!' She said she wanted to know if i was in astablished labour, and could have my gas and air, so i agreed. When she done the internal loads more waters came gushing out (now i know why i was so big) and she informed me i was 3 maybe 4 cm dialated, it would be some time yet, but i can have my gas and air. Even though i realy didn't take to this midwife, i did call her my best friend once i got my gas and air!! At about the same time my mum turned up to get my 5year old daughter up for school.

I heaped myself over the sofa and passed in and out, puffing on my gas and air. The midwife asked if i was feeling like pushing already ( in a kinda yeah right sort of way). I told her, not yet, but i don't push anyway. She looked at me and laughed, asking how do i get my babies out then. I feel quite guilty now, but i gave her the most evil looks and basically told her to watch and learn, and thrust my birth plan in her face, telling her my last baby was born following this.

I knew things were moving so i had Ryan take my gas and air up to the bathroom, where i feel comfortable giving birth, and tried to get comfy in the same position as last time, but was happier leaning on my hubby (who was sitting on the bath) with my arms round him, pulling off hand fulls of his skin!!! This labour was proveing to be quite uncontrollable. My poor little girl needed a wee at this stage, but while she was on the toilet i felt the contraction that would push out the head, i held it off with all my might, saying hurry hurry hurry. The moment she was gone i let go, and breathed and breathed, and out came the head, with no pain, i couldn't believe it (this before had been the most painfull bit). Then staight afterwards another contraction came, i could feel something wasn't right, and started shouting out, make my baby breath, get my baby breathing. I was still holding on to my hubby, i hadn't allowed him to move to catch the baby, he was my rock, i didn't want him out of my sight. The next contraction pushed the baby out fully. I turned to hold my baby and noticed the cord was really short. I checked babies sex myself, and said 'Ryan we have a girl, he came down to sit on the floor, and rap his arms round us both. We called in our daughter who had been sitting just outside the bathroom with my mum, they didn't want to miss the birth! Vivienne thought it was amazing, and has been in awe of her sister since. While waiting for the cord to stop pulsing and cleaning mucus from her face and mouth, the midwife informed us she has the cord rapped round her neck, body and foot, and that it was only 7:28 am she also said that it was amazing to see somebody breath out a baby, she never new it could be done, and had never heard of the technique.

Once the cord had stopped pulsing it was clamped and Ryan cut it, just in time for the second midwife to turn up! They took her off to the bedroom to weigh her and clean her up, while i sat on the toilet to push out the placenta. After sitting there for a while, and putting baby to breast, i decided to move, i stood up, and held the tub for the placenta under me, i could feel it was just about to come out, so i gave one almighty push and out it came (worst bit of labour in my eyes, but i still opted for no drugs to help)

I relaxed in the bath, then got myself into bed. I lost no blood during the labour at all, and my body felt great, except for the nasty after pains which continued off and on for two days.

The midwifes disapeared quicky this time, leaving us in bed, while my mum woke up my son who slept the whole way through, and took the children out for the day.


Leyoncé Rose Wade



7lb 7oz

2 weeks 4 days early

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