Ryan's Birth Story, by Natalie

Natalie's second baby, Ryan Rodney Wade, was born at home. Natalie gives a great description of 'breathing' her baby out, rather than consciously pushing. A lovely, cheerful, gentle birth story.

I know this one might seem fairy tale, but it is real. A very incouraging story if i do say so myself (do hope the next one is this good!!!)

At 1:30am on friday the 23rd jan, i was woken suddnely by a popping feeling, jumped up, grabbed mobile, and managed to make it to the bathroom without spilling a drop (ewww). Sat on toilet shaking, realiseing, remembering, this is it. Phoned hubby (who was working in london, so stayed the night at his mums) And told him to come home, and quite fast, as i don't just think this is labour,my waters have broke. Sent cyber buddies some text msgs to calm myself, then done very strange walk to get some maturnity towels. Once that was sorted went down stairs and phoned my mum and dad, then sat on the stairs getting excited, and shaking like mad still.

Ryan (hubby) an hour away arrived at the same time as my mum and dad who were 15 minutes away, and we all sat down in the lounge getting excited. Soon became bored, as i barely had any contractions only period pains, so phoned the hospital, and told them i really don't want to come in, and labour started this way with my daughter, the midwife said to hold on at home till 7 am, and if no contractions phone again, and prolly come in for a swab.

Settled down on the lounge floor, and put on my "two pints of larger and a bag of crisps" dvd, while my family all slept on the sofa.

Things were still the same by about 5am so went up to bed to try to sleep, drifted off at 6am, and woke at 8am by my daughter, everything stopped, no period pain or acheing at all, so phoned the hospital again who said come have a swab. Got to the hospital and was put on a monitor, which showed i was slightly contracting when i thought i was, but not much, and that bubs was sleeping, and i had to show him moveing around before i could go home (i think he pretty much slept the whole labour). Was forced to drink lots of ice cold water to wake him, which it did. But still couldn't go home as i had to have a swab from a doctor. Got to the hospital at 9 am the lastest, and didn't leave till 12 midday, due to waiting for a doctor. When the docter came to give me the swab, my hubby jokeingly pointed out when they needed a bigger device as i had already had a child that a car jack might work well, which had the midwife and myself in giggles. During the swab was informed it was defantly my waters, and that my cervix was still tightly closed and plump!!

Had first contraction in car park on way to car, was very strong. Had another in car and then another as i got home. Mum and dad turned up with daughter who had been at play school, got her things, told me to hurry up, then took her to their place. By this time (bout 1/2 hour) contractions had me on my hands and knees. They really did come thigk and fast.

Managed to rock around the house till around 4:30 (don't actually remember any of that time!!!!!!) Then decided to time contractions as it was begining to look like a good idea to phone midwife, as i had no idea were i was. They were coming every 3-4 minutes and lasting around a minute. Gave midwife a call, and she sped over bringing very very pleased training midwife, who had seen me a couple of times before. pleaded my midwife to give me an internal as i wanted to know it i was pi**ed or very pleased with my progress .She kept saying are you sure, you said you didn't want any internals, but i insisted. I was 2-3cm ( which i wasn't happy about) but my cervix was very very stretchy, and she said i will need a midwife from now on. She let me know that she had an argument with the midwife at the hospital, as she had phoned while i was there saying she was gonna keep me in. She also asked if i minded if it wasn't her that staied with me as her hubby had been away all week, and planed a meal for that night, and she didn't want a devorce!!! I said of course, of which she disapeared into my kitchen for half an hour, phoneing around to make sure i got the right midwife!! I crawled about on the staires till the midwifes swaped over, then asked the new midwife if she would back me if i got in a bath, and she said yes ( i had already had a couple of showers) The new midwife brought the gas and air, so i stayed in the bath for about 15 minutes as it was calling me!!!

By this time had become very uncoof, and was walking around in a open dressing gown only!!! I then leaned myself across a few cushions while the traning midwife and my hubby took turns to rub my back between contractions, and screamed at them if they were not physic, and still touching me while i was having one, sucking on my gas and air. Groovy music was played in the back ground and candles lit, tho they were no help to me!!

Retreated up to my bathroom with my hubby and gas and air!!! Moved round and round my bathroom, getting in comfy positions, making bizar groaning noise. New i was comeing to transition, as i began to sleep during the couple of seconds between contractions, and living in a different world to verybody else. Couple of times felt a doppler quietly get put against my tummy and the midwife leave. My hubby and i was left alone for hours, which was really lovely.

In the end i got comfy kneeling upright floped over the sink, with gas and air in hand, not actually remembering anything, probably deeply passing out, really in transiton. Next thing i remember is the midwife behind me, saying "um Natalie do you need to push by any chance, we can see the baby pushing its way down". Well then of course i felt like pushing, but i wanted to breath the baby out, and was sh*t scared of pushing by this time, as memory suddenly really set in!! So i ignored her, and i believe even tried to use my pelvic floors to keep him in!!!!! I just calmy breathed in and out during my contractions, no pushing at all, i could feel my body , my pelvic area pushing him out with each contraction, doing as it should naturally, without me bursting a blood vessel in my face!!! I felt him move his head around in there, and i began to feel my hips part and move up, and felt i needed to move my legs. With the next contractions i began to feel slight stinging, and my body began to push like mad, like it was somebody elses and i had no control. I new he was about to be delivered, when my midwife said "ok ryan so you are gonna catch this baby, and he shifted round behind me, and two more midwifes turned up and packed themselves in my tiny bathroom. Then it came, the almight contraction that forces the baby out, i felt my body lift up, as my legs got a better wider position, and with a lot of stinging, babies head was out, and cradled on my husbands hand, then almost straight after another one, then another, this time pushing out his shoulders, and the rest of him slid out, into my husbands arms, followed by lots of water and blood. I moaned out a great sigh of relief, loud enough for the neighbours, and took one last deep suck on the gas and air, saying just one more!

My husband then brought baby down under my legs, and he was brought up to my chest "Nat we've got a little boy" was what he said as he looked into my eyes, and we kissed.

I then sat back onto my bum and held him in my arms, cleaning his face with a towel, occasionally bringing him forward and tapping his back to remove mucus, and then feeling his cord waiting for it to stop pulsing. When he let out his first noise all three midwifes and the trainy said ahhh.

When my hubby and i felt his cord had stopped pulsing, one of the midwifes clamped it, and Ryan cut it, then i handed him the new baby, and sat up on the toilet to deliver the placenta. Lots of laughing and chatting and the baby being put to the breast to encourage conrtactions filled the time till the placenta came out. It took 1 1/2 hours from birth (probably as i didn't want to push again!!!) And all the midwifes cheered when it did, much to the amuzment of my husband who informed us we just cheered louder at the delivery of a placenta than a baby, and the midwifes all followed by laughing at him who was wearing beige for this birth of his child!

I was checked over and found to have a very small tear, that will heal itself, and left to have a shower, and then a relaxing bath, while hubby fussed over baby and he was weighed and measured, and given his vit k jab. Once out of the bath i layed in bed, had a cup of tea as the midwifes all slowly forced themselves to leave and my hubby and i curled up in bed to sleep.

Ryan Rodney Wade



7lb 7oz

2 weeks 3 days early

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Natalie's third baby, Leyoncé, was also born at home...

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