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Megan's birth story, by Naomi

Naomi had one hospital birth and two homebirths, and she planned a home waterbirth for her fourth baby. She got the waterbirth bit... a very positive accidental hospital birth story, which just goes to show that if you want a homebirth, don't go anywhere near a hospital after 37 weeks unless there is a clear medical need; sod's law says that you are at high risk of having a fast labour and being caught out! Naomi has a Bicornuate Uterus, but all her labours have been drug-free and trouble-free.

hi heres my birth story megan rhian was born at 11:13pm on 18th july

i very normal busy monday sorting and cleaning the house out doing the washing my hip had been hurting a bit so near the end of the day i slowed down a bit it had been windy all day so we at 9pm decided to take the kites out for a first flight up the field well all i can say is what i laugh that was as soon as the kite was up high the wind was gone and the kite was down on floor again ( dog thought it was great ) should have seen it as a warning if i had not been laughing so much .......

by this time its nearly ten and my hip ( i have a twisted pelvis ) was playing up badly. we got home at about 10:05 pm i put kids to bed and went to the loo as i was walking down the stairs i had a very large pain that lasted a good few minutes and i couldnt move ( i was half way up or down the stairs depending on how u look at it ) i asked my partner shane for help as i didnt feel quite right

with that we decided to phone midwife to see what she thought she asked us to come up the hospital to check everything was ok

Note from Angela:

If you are actually having contractions, and you want a homebirth, don't even think of going for an antenatal appointment in hospital! If a midwife asks you to "just come into hospital to be checked out", you can always ask that a community midwife visit you at home to be checked out instead. It's not clear in Naomi's case that there was any reason why she needed to go to the hospital to be 'checked out'. She may well just have been asked because the midwife she spoke to was used to handling hospital births, and asked her without really thinking it through.

Sometimes women are asked to go to hospital to be checked if their waters break before labour starts, to be checked in case of prolapsed cord. Again, there is no reason why a community midwife can't visit you at home to do this. Many would argue that there is no real reason to have such a check anyway, unless the mother has a particular risk factor for prolapsed cord (eg high, unengaged head, excess amniotic fluid).

If you are asked to go to hospital for a check because the community midwives are short-staffed, you can always a) decline the check, if there+ is no particular reason to think you need one, b) suggest meeting a community midwife at a clinic or GP surgery instead - they may well have an antenatal clinic being held somewhere which is easier for you to reach, or c) say you'll wait until a community midwife is available to visit you at home.

i text my friend karen to see if she could pop down to keep an eye on kids for us she was down within ten mins she made it in 5 love her with that me and shane pop to the hospital by the time we got there is was 10:30 on the way there i had a few pains we only live 10 mins from it ( funny thought in my mind) but brush it a side as like shane said not tonight shes coming wednesday or friday night

as i walked from the car into the hospital i had a few pains laughing to much as just been asked if i was a doctor when getting out the car with my notes in hand i walked into the hospital still giggling and speaking to the midwife told her i had quite a few pains since speaking on the phone ( didnt think i was in labour as didnt hurt that much and it wasnt wednesday or friday sounds mad but both me and shane said thats when it would be

as i had to be checked out i got up on the bed ready to be hooked up to monitor chatting away to midwife and shane i had a huge pain and with that for my first time my waters popped all i could say was wow my waters have just gone both mine and shanes face was shock lol its not wednesday or friday

midwife then went into action blood pressure heatbeat check and then internal the shock was i was 7-8 cm d already wow that was fast

i new i wouldnt make it home then the contractions were every 1 by then it was a dash to fill the pool and hold on

ten mins later i started getting the pushy feeling but wispered to shane if i here and not home im not missing a water birth 10 mins later the pool was full and i could get in in the ten steps to the pool i had four contraction getting in the pool was like floating in heaven bliss

midwife asked if i still wanted to push i could now she heard my whispers lol we laughed all very relaxed and happy. i say the next one by this time i couldn't hold off anymore and one push one minute later my daughter was born in the water. Her cord was wrapped around her three times midwife works her magic very quickly and megan comes out water in my arms kisses and cuddles from mum she has her cord clamped and i cut it left handed too (im right) lol i have a nice cuddle and a cry with her then hand her to dad why they try to get 3 stage over with not gonna happen in pool so have to over to bed 13 min from megan coming into world 3 stage is over and i couldnt believe how luck i was to have such a beautiful girl in my arms she took to breast feeding so well straight on bliss

she weighted 7lb 6 oz at birth my smallest baby so far

we had to stay a few hours in hosptial i long lost 100ml of blood wanted to go home 10 mins after but....... had to be careful and stay it wasnt the home birth i wanted but it was a very nice hosptial water birth labour that was only 53 mins long according to my notes lol 2 stage was 1 min my fastest yet lol

since the day she was born she has been an angel you couldnt ask for better her weight went down to 6lb 15 oz i had her weighted today 5 days later and she weights 7lb 9 1/2 oz she is making both myself and shane want more .......... watch this space lol maybe number 5

take care to all


Mum to:
shannon 10 hospital birth
corey 9 home birth
ryan 6 home birth
megan born 7 / 05 hospital water birth


I thought Naomi handled her unplanned hospital birth very well - but she did have some regrets. Naomi posted these afterthoughts to the Homebirth UK email group:

i was told there were staffing problems, and yes they won too. i missed not having a homebirth but i did have an amazing waterbirth in hospital. after the waterbirth i was disappointed that i didn't get the birth i wanted. the waterbirth was the only thing that stopped me from crying as i wanted my children with me when their much-loved sister entered the world.

...it was not a planned hospital birth - I was really gutted in truth. I went up with a bad pain in my hip they couldn't send a midwife out to me as there wasn't any. I personally think that is really bad.

I went in and two minutes later my waters popped I thought something was going on but didn't think it was labour as it wasn't that painful if that makes sense having four kids now u think I'd know LOL!

having had this experience I have decided to become a midwife myself an going back to college in September so people like myself can have the birth they want the way they want

Accidental Hospital Births

Maybe some midwives are acting on auto-pilot when they ask a woman planning a homebirth to "just come in to be checked", or maybe they are hoping that a hospital birth will "accidentally" happen. Either way, if it is important to you to have your baby in your own environment, you do need to think carefully about attending any hospital appointment in late pregnancy if there is any chance that you might be in labour.

It can be very hard to assert yourself and go home when there is explicit, and implicit, pressure on you to "help everyone out" by just staying put. Remember that you planned a homebirth for a reason - it presumably wasn't just a random, spur-of-the-moment whim. You have the rest of your life to be a "good girl", to be cooperative, to "help everyone out", to avoid making things difficult to people - if that sort of thing appeals! But you will only have this baby once; you don't need to feel guilty about doing what's right for your family.

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