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Sarah Montagu

On Older Mothers and Home Birth

Sarah Montagu is an independent midwife who works in Birmingham.

I had my fourth baby at home at the 'advanced' age of 42 (he's 15 months now and I'm typing rather slowly because he's on my lap having a feed at the moment). Mind you, it wouldn't have occurred to me to have a baby anywhere other than at home, having had the first three at home as well - but that was some time ago (they're 19, 17 and 14 now).

I gave birth in my sitting room, with the older three kids around the birth pool, my mother and two midwives who are both close friends. Saul was born roughly a yard away from where his sister had been born 13 years before - magic!

To say someone 'can't' have a home birth because they're 37 seems completely bizarre - age is relative, not absolute! Women should follow their instincts and birth where they feel happiest.




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