Oliver's home birth

By Lisa Williamson

I had a very positive, fantastic home birth of my second son. This was 8 years ago when it was quite unusual and I was a minority, but my first son, Alex, came very quickly and I know I would have been much happier staying put and letting the midwives come to me. So that is what I decided to do with Oliver, my second son.

My doctor, although older, believed in mothers' instincts so the first hurdle was easy, and the midwives were young, forward-thinking and positive, so where I though I would have a fight for them to agree, they were all for the idea.

I kept myself fit and active through the pregency, I drank Raspberry leaf tea the last 3 months and went into the birth very positive.

I woke in the small hours 10 days early, felt the familiar contractions, went to the loo and had 'a show'. Knowing my history I telephoned the midwife straight away, ran a bath, and tried to relax.

It was a very stormy night and the midwife took a bit longer than she could have because of a tree down in the road (we are talking half and hour rather than 10 minutes!) I, in the meantime, have been in the bath for maybe 10 minutes and decided I needed to sit on the loo because that is where I felt more comfortable, then I needed to push.

The midwife had just arrived and said for me to come into my bedroom so she could examine me, but I would not get off the loo - I felt clean and comfortable there. I the shouted "the baby is coming!" - a few pushes later, out he came.

The midwife let me sit there and the placenta came out naturally - the only disadvantage of this is she could not tell how much blood I had lost. I then laid on the floor in my bathroom, had a couple of stitches (all without pain control; I didn't need it), and got back in the bath I previously ran, which was still warm. My husband came back upstairs with a cup of tea for us all and had missed everything (I think he secretly was happy to get out the way and let us get on with it!). I cannot tell you how calm and natural it felt - FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCTS.

Lisa Williamson

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