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Samantha's birth, by Kerry Downie

My son (now five) was born by ventouse at our local hospital after pethidine and an epidural which stopped my contractions and made me pass out whenever I pushed. I had initially been told that, despite being 38 weeks pregnant and following a SRM (Spontaneous Rupture of Membranes, ie waters breaking), my contractions were a tummy bug and I was placed in isolation.

About a year ago, when I was 24 weeks pregnant with my second, child my midwife suggested a homebirth but I told her that I wasn't a hippy with a paddling pool in the front room. After reading your web site, however, my mind was changed and a homebirth became plan 'A'.

28th October 2005 at 3am my waters broke and a midwife arrived at 4 am - I was 4cm by then after a few twinges. By 6:30 am - having wandered about squatting when I felt like it and chatting to my mother-in-law (who was my birth partner) - I started on gas and air and by 7:30 am Samantha was born. At 8lb 4 oz she was 2.5 lb heavier than her brother's birth weight but no stitches were required. The second stage had lasted 15mins impaired slightly by the awkward position I had adopted due to a back labour.

Having just a family member and a midwife of my own (not to be shared with other patients) was perfect - with no evidence of the birth on my carpets thanks to a big plastic sheet.

Your site answered all the questions I had and gave me the confidence to give it a go - thank you and thanks to the ladies who have shared their stories.

Kerry Downie

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