Rosevalley Australian Mist Cats

From the Katsacute Burmese family - a new variety, bred for health and temperament.

Annie Hill and her babies

Thera Annie Hill and her babies

We are delighted to announce that we have taken on a new challenge - the beautiful Australian Mist Cats. This new breed was developed in Australia mostly from the Burmese, plus Abyssinian and domestic shorthair cats. The Australian Mist Cat has a similar loving, confident personality to the Burmese, but has striking spotted and marbled markings. The Mist Cat has been carefully bred from a known gene pool for health and temperatment, and we are delighted to be among the few UK catteries to be able to bring them here.

Thera Annie Hill is a Brown Marbled Australian Mist cat who comes all the way from Australia. Annie Hill was imported direct from Dr Truda Straede, the founder of the breed. She served her quarantine in Australia and was mated to Grand Champion Nintu Marmar Aston Martin while still in Australia. She arrived safely in the UK, settled in well and has recently delivered a beautiful litter of fully Australian-bred Mist Cats to add to the UK's pool of these beautiful cats.

Annie Hill's Babies

Annie's Spotted and Marbled Australian Mist Cat kittens

Annie Hill and  babies

Annie feeding two Spotted kittens

Tiger Baby

Another Annie baby!

Useful Links

You can see more of our Australian Mist Cat photos on our Facebook page (see Facebook feed below) and the Katsacute Photo Album

Australian Mist Breed Council - nice introduction to the breed, from the council in Australia, where they are best known.

Breed Founder Dr Truda Straede - lots of information about Mists, and about her own Nintu cattery.

Contact Details

Rosevalley Australian Mist Cats are bred by Valerie and Chris King

We are based between Basingstoke, Newbury and Reading, on the Hampshire/Berkshire borders.

If you'd like to chat about our Australian Mist cats, please contact Valerie King on 0118 9811109 or email katsacute AT (anti-spam provision: please remove AT with an @ to get the real email address).


















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