Patrick's Birth Story

By Julie Curran

Julie lives near Selby, North Yorkshire. Her third son, Patrick, was born at home still in his membranes. This is known as being born in a caul and is supposed to mean he will never drown!

The day before the baby was due, we all went for an unseasonal picnic and walk. It was February, and the park keeper told us off for sitting on the grass!!

I couldn't sleep, my husband (dh) was in the spare room conserving his energy. Bad attack of the runs, first real contraction at about 3 am, woke dh about 3.30 who phoned midwife who came at about 4 ish - my midwife, not on duty but she does this for all her homebirths.

We chatted and they drank coffee while I paced around, rocking through the contractions on all fours. When I asked she did an internal and said I was nearly fully dilated. We rang the duty midwife, who came with the gas and air.

A couple of good gulps while I mentally prepared myself to push - thinking it's going to hurt, then overwhelming desire to push, hushed silence all round !!!, quick s*** on the old sheet followed by the whole of Patrick still in the membranes, such a shock he nearly hit the floor, (I was kneeling against the chair) but just caught by liz (my midwife), time: 5.30 am. followed by the placenta at 5.45.

My second son woke at 6am, the first time EVER he had slept all night. I nipped upstairs and took him into bed for a cuddle, follwed by liz carrying Patrick. "Oh look Mattie, here's your new baby".

Probably the best ever day, really special. When I ventured downstairs about 10am all was cleared up, no mess. You can do it, it's such a special place to have your baby.... I enjoyed it all so much I could be tempted to do it again!

Julie Curran

Julie was indeed tempted to do it again... her fourth baby, Philip, was born in October 2000.

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