Morgan's Birth, by Jenifer

Jenifer's first two babies were born in hospital in the USA. She had medicalised births, but wanted to try to deliver her next baby at home, without pain relief.

Sunday night around 8pm I was talking with a friend online {Dawn} and I was talking about how uncomfortable I was, not to mention how BIG I was. I decided to have Kent take a picture of me so I could show her. We took the picture and then a while later I had a contraction that literally made me get off the chair and move. After a couple more of them I decided to time them. I walked around the house for about an hour and the contractions were 5 minutes apart and they actually 'felt' like they were doing something.

I still wasn't sure if this was the real thing or not and figured that I'd go and lay down and see what happened. Then I got another one that for some reason made me realize that I needed to call out my midwife and birth assistant. It was around 10:30 pm at this point and my midwife had to drive from Maryland to get here...just over an hour drive and my birth assistant was about a half hour away.

My birth assistant got here first, and of course I was sitting on the toilet...I just kept having to empty my bladder. It was right around then that my bloody show started, very faint at first and then very apparent. She started to get things ready in the bedroom while Kent took our 2 year old over to a friend's house, since it was so late at night and Gage had made it clear that he was not going to sleep.

Just around the time that Kent got back my midwife got here and she too started to prepare her supplies. She heard me in the bathroom...seemed to be my favorite place...and with contractions I was bearing down a little, it just felt so darn good to do it...LOL

They helped me back to my bed and she had me do a few test pushes, just to see how it felt good but not 'right' yet, so I asked her to check me. I was 6 cms at that point and so I just continued to walk around, rocking my hips like a belly dancer for each contraction, and making some odd sounds until it would pass.

We decided that a nice warm bath would do me well to relax in, so Heidi, my birth assistant, ran the water and I got in with Kent at my side. The water felt great. I ended up laying on my left side in the tub with Kent pouring glass after glass of water over my belly and thighs. Then suddenly I wanted OUT of that tub...LOL Poor Kent, here he is trying to get a 180 pound wet, laboring pregnant woman out of a tiny tub by himself. I got back to the bed and asked to be checked.

So at 2am my midwife checked and I was 8-9 was then that my resolve went out the window and I asked her to break my water. I knew that once that was done that it would be over quickly...or so I thought...joke is always on me!

She broke my water and the first 3 contractions were so brutal that I was sure that I had made the very WRONG choice to have my baby at home...LMAO...anyway after the first 3 mean nasties I actually drifted off to sleep of all things...and for the next roughly 2 hours I would snooze and then wake to have a mellow contraction, and sleep some more. At 4:15 am my midwife wanted to check and see what was going on. All that was left of my cervix was a small lip, and so with the next contraction she helped me get rid of it...easier said than done...ugh that hurt like hell!

Once that lip was gone I really started to feel the urge to push, and so I slowly started to do so with each contraction. Just some small pushes, and I was able to feel the baby moving down and then I felt 'it'...the ring of fire that I've heard so many moms talk about. Lord have mercy the burning was amazing, and I knew we were soooo close, yet it felt like forever those last 3 minutes of small pushes and breathing to let my perineum streach out. My midwife told me to reach down and feel her head and asked if I wanted to see in a mirror...I just couldn't do it, so I just focused on having my baby instead. Then I felt her head come out and took a breather to wait to push out her shoulders...OMG shoulders...what a sensation that was...Anyway, once those shoulders popped out the rest of her just slid out as nice as butter and I lifted her onto my chest and we started to rub her and get her to cry. The first thing I said was "I DID IT!" I was shocked that I really had done this without medication, not to mention at home!

It was a good minute or two after that that I asked Kent what we had, he took a peek and annoucned "It's a GIRL", needless to say we all went wild, and I was crying, saying over and over "I DID IT" I was so amazed that it was over and I had done this without pain meds, something that I really was terrified that I wouldn't be able to do, since it had been so easy to cave for the epidural during my last birth.

After we got her dried off, my midwife and birth assistant lowered the lights in our bedroom and left Kent and I alone with our new baby to spend some time bonding as a family. How wonderful to have that time together, we layed in bed just looking at each other and our daughter for about a half hour.

My midwife and birth assistant came back in, Kent went and woke up Andrew my 12 year old son, so that he could see his new sister, and the midwife did the newborn assessment, weighed and measured our baby, made sure that I had something to eat, got to the bathroom and then they took their leave and left us to get some much needed sleep.

This was the healing birth experience that I craved with my body and soul after having two medical births in the hospital with my other two children. I still can't get over what we did here in my home, and how we were able to welcome Morgan to the world in such a gentle and loving manner. Thank you to everyone who made it this far reading my birthstory.

Please Welcome
Morgan Hunter Smith
November 8, 2004
Homebirth Baby!

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