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Solomon's Birth Story, by Jayne

Jayne's first two babies were born in hospital, and her third at home. This is the story of her fourth baby, who was born at home at 40 weeks and 12 days.

Having a 40+11 hospital appointment, on Wed 24th May, with them all clucking on about time ticking by for a home birth...grrr...I got there and had a membrane sweep,then a c.t.g for 20 mins, which showed some concern, they said.

They requested that I came back in three hours for a repeat. I felt sad and emotional and scared and just agreed to come back at 5pm. I got to the ward, to be treated by a midwife so badly - she shouted at me with her palm thrust in my face, "I haven't got time to be inducing you tonight"

I replied that that was good as I had no plans to be induced, she said it was not my choice and my notes said that was why I was sent........

Anyhow, more tears from me.....

The trace was fine, and then the redeeming part of the night was that the nicest midwife ever came to tell me to go home, chill out and that words like "let" and "allowed" had no place on maternity care notes, and that I was the one who knew the most about how/when /where my baby should be born!!!

So I toddle off home,exhausted by the emotion of the day. Had some dinner , watched crap T.V,went up to bed at 11, felt churned up and unsettled. I started to have sharp rising pains in mt hips and thighs, but never in my stomach area or back, so I just thought nothing of it, but soon noticed I was having to do some deep slow breathing to deal with these now-regular pains.

I woke my husband and we went downstairs, taking duvets and pillows. By 3 am I was fairly sure that, despite never having had in my last three labours this location of pain, still only in my thighs, I must be in prelabour or labour. We called the midwife. She arrived at 3.45 ,shortly followed by my best friend at four.

She asked if I wanted to be examined - I did want to be,just for my own mental strength! It was tricky to time it as I needed to be standing for these contractions, which were very fast but very close together.

I was five cms.
She was very calm and low-key and just made her notes and got to know us a bit,but very soon I reached a level of pain where I couldn't talk very much!
At half four I had a clary sage and lavender bath and started to feel the need for some entonox.
The second midwife was called then .
At half five she arrived with the much-shouted-for gas and air! By now I was struggling to find a postition to be in,as my legs were really trembly.

At 6 I got the urge to push, and pushed once to rupture the membranes. I was on my knees leaning on the sofa - the second push his head emerged and with the next out he came!!!! I couldn't belive that he was here!!!

He weighed in at 9lb and went straight to the breast at 6.17!!!
My children all woke up at 6.30 and the midwives were fab at clearing up and out fast to let us all be together!
So by 7.30 we were all a little emotional on the sofa staring at this lovley new person in our lives!

I feel so wonderful to have had him at home.
His name is Solomon!

I do feel I knew that everything would be fine,and that day spent having the tests and hassle in the hospital only served to make me more determined that this was the WRONG place for my baby to be born!


Note on Anaemia and Haemoglobin levels:

Jayne has had problems with anaemia during all of her four pregnancies. During this one she was feeling palpitations and having to lay down when her haemoglobin level was under 9g/Dl at 25-30 weeks. She took Spatone and got her Hb levels up to 9.3g/Dl, then started on ferrous gluconate 3 times a day at 38 weeks, and her Hb level rose to 10.3 at term. She found that she experienced fewer side-effects (digestive complaints) with ferrous gluconate than with ferrous sulphate.


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