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Kya's birth, by Jamie

Well, I (Jamie) knew without a doubt that I wanted a home birth. I have a passion for the natural process of labor and the way God designed our bodies to do this miraculous thing. I attend births whenever I get the chance and couldn't wait to finally experience it for myself.

It is the night of my due date. I wake up one of the many times I normally do to go potty. For some reason, I feel like turning the light on to check the toilet paper, and it is very faintly pink after wiping. This makes me SO HAPPY! But I'm not feeling any contractions, nor have I ever felt braxton hicks or anything. SO, I go back to bed.

I wake up in the morning, unfortunately feeling just fine. I go about my day knowing my midwife is due to check me for the first time today. I think I wouldn't be surprised if I was 0 cm dilated. She checks me. 0 cm. OK. What does that mean, anyway?

I go home and feel like cleaning out my entire pantry and getting down on hands and knees to scrub the floor. Somehow, during the pregnancy, I became lactose intolerant and would get gas pains when I had dairy of any kind. I couldn't resist my urge for cheddar cheese. I start feeling uncomfortable sometimes. Nothing I would call an actual contraction. My husband and I go to a book store that afternoon and I tell him,"There's that pain again." Oh well.

That night, we make love, and I'm ready for some sleep. It's 10:30. Ooooh. "Honey, I'm getting some bad gas pains. I knew I shouldn't have eaten that cheese." I couldn't go to sleep because every once in a while, I would get these annoying "gas pains." He says, " I think we should start timing these "gas pains." I definitely couldn't call the midwife at 11 pm to come out for gas pains. How embarrassing!

Finally we call her just in case - because the pains which were, of course, contractions, were coming every 5 minutes or so. This is how I've always imagined it. Through the night with candles lit and soft music playing. Thank You, God. You know my every desire! So, she comes out along with my Mom, sister, and best friend.

I throw up a couple of times. I have to moan this low pitched Ooooooooohhhh with every contraction, and I continue to through the entire birth. For me, personally, I didn't want her to check me because I was so afraid that she would tell me I was only 4 cm and I was already in so much pain. So, I get in the aqua doula (a warm tub of water for birthing). It feels good. My husband is giving me counterpressure with every contraction. I think I might die if I didn't have that. I keep control on the outside, though. Just moaning, and reminding myself that the worse it hurts, the closer you are to being done. RELAX EVERYTHING.

Now, I'm just waiting for the urge to push. The contractions just get worse and worse. Finally, I start feeling something. It feels like the same force your body uses to throw up, but upside down.

My midwife suggests to move to the bed for a change of scenery. I do. I'm ready to be checked. 10 cm. It feels so good to be able to do something about the pain. I push as hard as I can while laying on my side. Wow. That stretch is the worst pain I could imagine.

Kya's head comes out, but instead of turning, the rest of her body comes out while she's facing down. Therefore I get two little tears on either side, not worth stitching. But when it's just her shoulders out, my midwife says,"Reach down and grab your baby!" So, I get a grip under her shoulders (which is hard cause she's slippery) and pull the rest of her out and lay her on my belly.

At that moment there were no other people in this universe other than Kya and I, her mother. At that point we didn't know her sex. So, the midwife helped me move the cord out of the way and I said, "It's a girl." She cried for a very short time and then I was just talking to her and she was just looking at me so much. I was so shocked at how observant she was for just being born!

A few hours later she smiled for the first time which was of course at her Daddy. (She recently said her first word at 6 months old "Dada" Imagine that). She was born at 7:11 am on May 18th,2005 and weighed 6 lb, 7 oz.

What an incredible, supernatural experience that I am so grateful for. Praise God for my beautiful baby girl!


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