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Stephanie's birth, by Elizabeth B

My daughter Stephanie was born at home on the 13th of May.

I'd been getting contractions on and off that week but eventually was woken by them on the saturday morning at 06.00. For the next few hours I pottered about watching DVDs with my partner; I let my midwife know I thought I was in labour but didn't need her at that point, and continued listening to music and chatting with my sister who had driven up to help me.

Right from the word go I couldn't lie down but needed to stand with a contraction; I sat down in between though for a rest.

My midwife eventually came round to check me over at 16.00 and she didn't really want to examine me as I seemed too comfortable, but when she did I was 5 cm.

 It all got a bit much at half six so I got in the pool, which was heaven and left me laughing again for a couple more hours - when I started to get backache, it took all the fun out of it.

 When 20.00 came and I got examined again I was only 7 cm which was a bit disappointing but I agreed with my midwife to check again in two hours and see how things went.  My backache was getting worse and I felt that if things didn't move along well I wasn't sure I could cope for a long time.  Luckily when I got checked the next time I was 9.5 cm but my backache hurt so much I had to get my partner in the pool to rub my back which helped more than I expected, a lot more.  

Over the next hour or so my backache got so bad I thought I was breaking in half and with no urge to push yet I considered giving up, but the thought of getting out the pool and travelling five minutes down the road to hospital didn't seem worth it.  Fortunately my waters broke at midnight and she was born 12 minutes later; pretty good for a first-time mum.

 It was a great experience; I love being at home with all my family round me and taking her up to my own bed that night with my partner and not alone in hospital was definitely worth it.

Elizabeth Boots

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