Victoria's Birth Story

By Diane Allen

Victoria was born, at home, on 30th June 2000 at 10:58p.m. BST after a labour of only 3hrs. She weighed in at 3.8kg (8lb 6oz), apgars of 9 and 10 and is a natural on the breastfeeding front.

Friday evening I started having mild, menstrual type pains, which quickly progressed onto the real thing. When John realised that things were progressing rather quicker than in my previous 2 deliveries he rushed the boys off to bed and ran a bath for me. I couldn't get comfortable so attempted to get out. Ouch, there was no way I could do it on my own, poor John almost ricked his back helping me.

Off into the bedroom where I piled all the pillows up and crouched over them, kneeling on the bed. John went off to call the midwives and they arrived at 10:15 pm. At 10:25p.m., after John filled them in on my progress, Marie examined me and found me to be 5cm. I was a little disappointed at this point considering how painful and close the contractions were (little did I know that those next 5 cm would be dilated in less than half an hour).

I requested Entonox and began using it a short time later. They only had a half-empty canister so Heather set off to the hospital, 10 mins away, to pick up another. By the time she returned it was too late, I was already pushing. Marie was fantastic and protected my perineum throughout this stage.

Victoria came into the world without causing me any damage. She was passed through my legs whilst the midwife clamped the cord and John cut it. He told me we had a girl but I wasn't sure if he was joking or not;, I fully expected another boy. I flipped over and put Victoria to my breast whilst we waited for the placenta to come away.

We then had a bath together whilst the midwives stripped the sheets off the bed and back we came. John went downstairs and made everyone a drink whilst Marie & Heather completed their paperwork. John came back, then went to wake Stephen (aged 6) to introduce him to his new sister. He was delighted. The midwives left just after midnight and we all went to bed for a well deserved rest.

The boys are both absolutely besotted with her, cuddling and kissing her at every opportunity.

Victoria is my second successful homebirth. My first son, who I had planned to birth at home, ended up being born in hospital following waters breaking and labour not progressing 36 hours later. He was born after a total labour of 53 hours, an epidural and a forceps delivery. Now I know a little more about childbirth I wonder if things could have been done differently but I feel much better about it now that I have two successes under my belt. My second son was born at home after a labour of 12 hours.

Victoria is now almost three weeks old and is doing really well. She is still fully breastfed and is thriving. She has already fallen into her own routine of falling asleep after a feed at 11pm ish, waking again around 3am and then sleeping until 7am. She's weighing 8lb 12oz today and I've had to put her newborn sleepsuits away already.


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