Jude's birth, by Debs

Debs planned a homebirth for her third baby, after labouring at home with her second and giving birth just 20 minutes after arriving at hospital. Here's what happened:

Our baby was due 21st June, and of course the 21st came and went! Monday the 29th, as soon as I got up I began to have fairly strong regular contractions. I had been having very mild (period pain type) contractions on and off since the previous Tuesday! I sent hubby off to work, as I half thought they would trail off, but they didn't. I called my midwife at 9.30 who said she would come and see me at 1pm, I left it another hour before calling my husband home as the contractions were getting much stronger and closer together, and I was alone in the house with my two older boys (5yrs 9mos & 2yrs 2mos).

My midwife came just before 1 and (with my permission) examined me and I was 4cm dilated, so she rearranged all her other apps for the day and stayed with us. At 2pm (ish) our youngest went for his afternoon nap, then we prepared the living room ready for the birth!

I was alternating between going to the bathroom, using my birthing ball (which I found to be very soothing when the contractions peaked), and leaning forward over our enormous beanbag! My waters had still not broken at this stage.

At just past 4pm everything got very intense as I moved into second stage, I used the beanbag at this point, leaning forward on it, but as I suddenly felt the urge to push (which wasn't as great as in my previous births! Was that the raspberry leaf I had drank copious amounts of in my pregnancy?) I moved and put my arms around dh's neck, whilst we were both kneeling on the floor.

At approx 4.14 my waters broke with a gush; there was stale meconium in them. At 4.17 our beautiful baby boy was born (both midwives said immediately how big he was)! We had a natural third stage, the placenta came out 40 minutes later, intact. As planned we left him with his placenta! Our oldest was with us as he was born, and seemed quite fascinated, though not so impressed with the bloody bits! Our youngest got up 5 minutes after he was born, he didn't seem to know what to make of it all, bless him!

As I wanted I didn't have any pain relief, it didn't even occur to me to be honest!

When he was weighed he was 10lb 12oz, which they were surprised at as I am naturally a very small person. We named him Jude Frederick, he is just so gorgeous, a very relaxed and calm baby! His placenta and cord came away 4 days after being born, we buried it in the garden.

I was told afterwards that had they known that he was going to be that big they would have *advised* me to go to hospital, also they would have *advised* me to go to hospital had my waters broken earlier and discovered the meconium in my waters (not that I would have gone! ;o))! Now I know why my waters took so long to break, the Lord was watching over us, saving us from all the stress that could have happened! ;o)

He has taken to breastfeeding so very well, which I am so, so happy about, as I had problems with my older two!

Well done and thank you if you made it this far! We are all loving our newest addition! ;o)



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