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Well, on Thursday 4th Jan 2007 I was suddenly sick first thing in the morning. I hadn't been sick like that since my first and only bout of morning sickness! I am often sick when I have an upset tummy so I guess it was my body's way of clearing itself out.

That night I woke up in the middle of the night and had to get out of bed to walk around with an uncomfortable feeling in my tummy. It is hard to describe, but was a bit like food poisoning! On Friday I was having a few mild contractions just like mild period pains. I thought nothing of them as I was convinced my baby would be over due, I thought I'd just overdone the antenatal aqua-aerobics on Wednesday!

Again on Friday night, I woke up with the strange feeling in my tummy but it soon wore off and I went straight back to sleep.

Saturday 6th January some mild pains got me thinking it's my due date today and thinking it would be a good idea to have sex tonight as it might be the last time for a while! So we did and in the morning I had a very small show of bright red blood. I just thought whoops, maybe the sex had caused it! DOH! I was so in denial that I might actually be having a baby!

I had a good sleep and awoke on Sunday 7th January and thought I hope my baby comes tonight as I don't want hubby to go to work tomorrow! Started having more frequent mild contractions getting uncomfortable around lunchtime enough to put me off my food!! I decided I wanted to be alone and sat in our study surfing the web and still denying these pains were contractions! Had to change trousers 3 times to find a pair that put no pressure on my tummy!

Some friends popped in to see me on their way back from shopping and I was leaning over my birthing ball thinking OK I think I am actually going into labour but I really wanted to chat to my mate! My body decided that I had to go to bed so I said sorry I think you have to go now and off they went this was about 5pm.

Very quickly after they left I pulled off my trousers and was hanging over the end of our bed and a load of cushions moaning through the contractions. Hubby was being a star rubbing my back and getting the pool ready with my Dad, my mum taking over back rubbing duty whilst he was busy.

My contractions were very irregular I really couldn't concentrate to time them and after hubby had sat with me a bit and reminded me to breathe we decided to call the midwife. After some confusion over directions she set off from the local hospital about 15 mins away.

She arrived read my birth plan and asked if she could examine me as I was curling my toes during the contractions to establish if I was in labour I said so long as she was careful not to break my waters or rush anything along, it blooming hurt but I was in established labour 3cms hooray!!!

Her shift was ending so she called out the next midwife who came in time for me to say I really wanted to get in the pool so they let me get in and it was pure, pure bliss! The contractions did slow down a bit but it was so nice I felt me again I could talk again and was aware of where I was.

The contractions started up again and the midwife was brilliant, sticking to my birth plan with minimal monitoring and suggesting some music to get me through.

They were still filling up the pool and it was nice having the water running over my back. My hubby was rubbing my back during the contractions and the midwife was holding my hand when I couldn't grab the handle of the pool in time.

My contractions didn't come in waves - they were just there very suddenly and then wore off.

I had to hop out the pool to go to the loo at some stage and as I was on the loo I really noticed the difference out of the water. I had to stop at the stairs for 3 contractions before I could manage the walk to the pool again!

After being in the pool about 2 hours I asked if I could have some gas and air as it really was becoming unbearable and WOW that stuff is GREAT as I kept repeating it just took the edge off the pain and allowed me to get myself together. I felt a pop and my forewaters go; the midwives said it wasn't my waters as there was no discolouration in the pool.

I very suddenly had the urge to push. The midwife asked if she could examine me again to see if she should call out the 2nd midwife as she didn't think I could be ready as I had only been in labour 5 hours! She told me that I could thank god cos although I had an anterior lip I was 10cms. Hooray that was the best news ever - from then on I was like, right, I am going to push this baby out. I was making the most odd groaning grunting noises; my hubby and midwife were trying to get me to breathe which did make it feel better but it was so hard to do. I was making my throat very sore with my odd noise but it kind off kept my mind off the feelings down below!

I could feel him coming down my birth canal and I was sooo excited I couldn't wait to feel the ring of fire! I kept saying he's coming, he's coming I can feel him. The midwives were very good, just communicating by signing to each other and very quiet communication. My hubby and dad were trying to get the pool to the right temperature but I was like its boiling in here and stop wafting the water round my bum (I think I'd done a poo and they were fishing it out!!) The gas and air as well as my husband's gentle touch were my best friends.

It was so amazing feeling him making his way slowly down through me. I felt another pop and a gush; my waters had gone. Then in a few pushes I felt him right at the entrance of my vagina and I took a huge breath and thought PUSH so I did and out he popped all in one go. The midwives were "there's his head oh catch your baby!" I looked down and saw this cute little ball of baby and grabbed him and pulled him out of the water nice and slowly. These were the most amazing few seconds of my life, holding my precious son close to me just bobbing around in the water. The cord was too short for me to put him to the breast and we waited until the cord had stopped pulsing. He was alert and not crying - just perfect.

Once the cord had stopped pulsing, my husband cut it and held Dexter Jensen on his naked chest. I loved seeing them together we thought we would cry but we were all in shock and awe that our son was here and very quickly. I had been pushing for about 1 hour but it's registered as 10 minutes on my notes.

I got out of the pool and sat on a bucket to deliver the placenta - that just plopped out in a few gentle pushes.

The midwife then checked me over down there and discovered I had a rather unfortunate W shaped tear - one 2nd degree and two 1st degree so I couldn't hold my baby, but she soon had me stitched up with the help of gas and air the worst bit was how numb my bum felt!!

Dexter was weighed and given Vitamin K orally and cuddled by his Grandma, Granddad and his Daddy.

After that I had a chance to try and feed my little man but he wasn't too interested he was just happy looking around. I then began to feel really hot and fainted!

After some sugary ribena and toast. I was feeling better and had a shower and could cuddle up with the two most important men in my life, my Husband Doug and my son Dexter I love you both.

Charlotte H

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